$10.00 per month

TaiChi for Seniors

  TaiChi for Seniors: Cultivating Balance (4 min)

This short lesson is designed to help cultivate steadiness and balance, better posture and cognitive function. It can be done with the aid of a chair or a walker for those who feel less confident about standing. The lesson helps bring awareness to the soles of your feet, which helps cultivate a sense connection to the ground. In addition, simple upper body taichi movements combined with the lower body movement helps boost cognitive function. Practicing these exercises will help decrease the chance of falls.
  TaiChi for Seniors: Seated TaiChi (3 min)

This short lesson is a safe and great way for seniors who have lost mobility and steadiness. The lesson is done seated so it is very safe. The slow gentle movements will improve hand eye coordination, back pain, joint flexibility and cognitive function. These simple exercises have even shown to increase energy flow, circulation and boosts the quality of life!