$10.00 per month
Qi Flow 2 Pack
Qi Flow 2 Pack

Rental: $5.00 / 3 days

Purchase: $15.00

Total Duration: 43:58

Videos: 2

Qi Flow 1 (21 min)

This is a hybrid class that combines ancient techniques from TaiChi+Qi Gong+Breathwork to harmonize and strengthen from the inside out. You will be lead through five soothing yet powerful techniques that gently massage and stimulate energy flow within the meridians, combined with breath work, leaving you relaxed and energized!

Qi Flow 2 (23 min)

Qi Flow is a hybrid class of TaiChi, Qi Gong and Breathwork. I have combined the best of all three worlds and taken some of my favorite and most effective exercises and strung them into one flow to superpower your internal energies. The sequence will help awaken sensitivities to energy movement, and recalibrate your internal system. This class will leave you grounded, balanced and help activate deep healing.