Welcome to A THOUSAND CRANES STUDIO online portal for on-demand access to TaiChi lessons.   The gentle and healing movement of TaiChi is often described as meditation in motion and can be practiced by students throughout their lifetime. The TaiChi techniques and breath work exercises I offer in my videos will help:


·      Develop energy flow awareness

·      Cultivate better and stronger energy (qi) flow

·      Dissolve stress and tension, promote balance

·      Recharge your vital life force energy


The videos are each between 5-30 minutes in length, organized by level of practice (Beginner/Level 1). I hope this gives you the freedom to incorporate TaiChi practice into your life at times most convenient for you. Please reach out with questions and feedback ---I will be incorporating student feedback as I develop new lessons.

Taichi Flow 2 beginner
Taichi Flow 2 beginner
$5.00 / 2 days
In this TaiChi Flow class, you will be lead through a simple warm up, breath-work, joint coiling, and a TaiChi flow sequence that includes two techniques: wave hand like clouds, and grasp the birds tail. Enjoy!
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Taichi Flow 2 beginner
In this TaiChi Flow class, you will be lead through a simple warm up, breath-work, joint coiling, and a TaiChi flow sequence that includes two techniques: wave hand like clouds, and grasp the birds tail. Enjoy!
TaiChi for Healing: Upper Back, Neck+Shoulders
In this class you will learn Qi Gong exercises to help open up, massage and create better energy flow in the upper back, neck and shoulder areas. Starting with some patting to release blockage, you will be lead through a gentle series of exercises which combine breath-work and slow mindful movements which will open and release tension.
TaiChi Flow 1- Beginner

In this 25 minute class, you will be lead through a a series of flowing qi gong, breath-work, joint turning, and taichi movements ending with a practice of a short TaiChi sentence. Two TaiChi techniques: Calm Circle/Wave Hands Like Clouds and Crossing Hands with be reviewed in this TaiChi Flow class.

Cultivating Intention+Power

Intention is the power of your mind. In order to create action, one must first have intention, then combine the intention with your energy, which in turn results in action. In this lesson, you will learn how to cultivate your intention through an ancient exercise called Bow and Arrow. In addition, you will learn a technique called "Crossing Hands" which helps to cultivate and build power within yourself. (17 minutes)

Calming Circles

The circle is one of the most important concepts in taichi. The circle represents calmness, the feeling of having no edges, and the eternal feeling of the flow of life. In this short lesson, you will learn to use your center to create circles with your upper body, while feeling the continuous weight shifting of your lower body. This exercise works to harmonize the mind, body and spriit, and is especially beneficial in harmonizing the blood pressure. (8 minutes)

Patting for Tension Relief

This lesson introduces two different patting exercises to help promote energy flow. Patting is a self healing technique used to unblock energy pathways. In addition, two wonderful animal exercises "Monkey Hands Turtle Back " and "The Wise Owl Turns His Head" - will be taught. The Monkey Hand Turtle Back helps open up the vertebraes to help relieve tension and the Wise Owl exercise helps straighten the spine and promote better qi flow to the head, neck and brain. (14 minutes)

Happy Lungs

Mindful breath-work is conscious awareness of your breath, which has been practiced for thousands of years. It is a therapeutic tool for major transformation and healing. Breath-work often helps in building self awareness and focus as well. The two breathing techniques introduced in this lesson help improve lung function, as well as enhancing the immune system, decreasing anxiety and reducing symptoms of depressions. (10 minutes)

Happy Joints

TaiChi has been well known to increase joint mobility, strength, flexibility and balance. Combined with breath-work ,and energy work, the exercises help loosen your muscles and joints, while the gentle rhythmic weight shifting pump energy thought out the whole body creating optimal circulation. The lesson begins with simple breath-work, then goes on to teach exercises which gently turn and massage the joints. A very unique TaiChi technique called 'coiling" will be introduced at the end of the lesson. (10 minutes)

Essence of TaiChi: Level 1 Form

This is a lesson of the beginner level form "Essence of TaiChi". You will learn the basic techniques: preparation, taichi beginning, wave hand like clouds, grasp the birds tail, single whip and crossing hands. You will also be lead through the entire form at the beginning of the lesson, and also at the end. This video lesson will be a great supplement to those taking live or ZOOM classes with Leda, or those who are simply interested in learning a beginner level taichi routine. (22 minutes)

Beginner/Level 1

$15.00 / 7 days
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